The Cadence Creed

LIVE Actively LIVE Engaged LIVE On Purpose LIVE Outside


Life is best lived actively. This life is a life that is lived on purpose and engaged. It is one that isn’t wasted. Let’s be honest; life is short, we should make the most of it. GET OFF THE COUCH and enjoy the outdoors. Take pleasure in the company of friends and family. Be purposeful about making friends and keeping family close; it doesn’t just happen. Grill. Eat. Have dinner together often. Don’t eat and run. Sit around the table and talk. Do it outside. Cook s’mores over a fire. Throw the ball with friends. Swim. Get in shape. Do laps. Run a trail. Blaze a new one. Don’t live scared. Sing. Sing out-loud and habitually. Take time to THINK. Think about where you are going and who you want to be. Don’t wake up one day with a bunch of “I wish I would have” regrets! Focus on what is good. Life is too short to be negative. This is life best lived. It is lived Actively.


We believe this at Cadence. There is a rhythm, a Cadence to life. Active, purposeful living creates a full life. Floating through life makes it dull and uneventful. We want to do business, live life, and help our community live life in the rhythm of activity. We do this by creating spectacular landscapes that draw people outside. We try to create landscapes that people want to show off and enjoy with their friends often. We want to create such awesome landscapes that they entice you into purposeful, active living both socially and physically.